The world of Athas is harsh and unforgiving. Only the strong in mind and body survive. There is no laws in the wastelands, kill or be killed. Those who survive in the wastelands guard what precious resource they have with their lives. Many in the wastelands wait for the opportunity to take what they need from others.

City dwellers don’t fare much better, living under the oppressive rule of a sorcerer-king. Supplies are limited to feed so many, water and food are rationed by many. Commit a crime and face time or life as a slave. You’ll work 12 hours a day as a slave, barely getting enough food and water to survive, many don’t. Those that do survive, many never see freedom. Corruption is common and acceptable so long as it doesn’t interfere with the sorcerer-king

Athas is hot, from the first moments of dawn, the crimson sun beats down from an olive tinged sky. Temperatures routinely exceed 100 degrees F. by midmorning and can reach 130 degrees or more by late afternoon. The wind is like the blast of a furnace, offering no relief from the oppressive heat. Dust and sand borne on the breeze coat everything with yellow-orange silt.

Dark Sun - Turning of the ages

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